Local Organic Eggs (Delivered Every Wednesday, Charged Every Sunday)

$7.50 every Sunday

First payment: Today!


What To Expect From Each Delivery:

  • 1 Dozen Eggs… unless you signed up for more than 1 dozen
  • If you want more than 1 dozen eggs, simply increase the quantity when ordering.
  • You can add eggs to your order if you subscribe to our meal kits or organic produce basket.
  • Or you can purchase eggs if you are purchasing $49 in grocery items
  • Free delivery

Grocery items (including fruit and veggie baskets) must be ordered by Sunday to ensure delivery on Wednesday. If ordered Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, the items will be delivered in two Wednesdays. Example: If you order on a Sunday, you will receive your items 10 days from order date.

Our eggs come from our friends Mollie and Dave.  They own Rebel Pioneer Homestead out in the Red Rock area.  Their chickens are cage free and are also given alfalfa and an organic scratch.  They are GMO and Soy FREE.  Eggs are organic and cage free, and they are a beautiful variety of colors.  They are nutrient dense and you can TASTE the difference.



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