Breakfast Box (One Time)




Breakfast Box!! 1 loaf of organic country bread, 1 dozen local pastured eggs, 2 pkgs of nitrate free-thick cut bacon, an onion, potatoes, and one other veggie that will rotate (pepper, or spinach or tomatoes, etc.).

Some Meals you can make:  Bacon with potatoes and eggs, omelets, French Toast, Birds eye toast, breakfast sandwich.  You’ll get at least 3 meals that can feed at least 4 people.  If you are a family of 2, no problem.  You will have breakfast for almost every day of the week… or you can have “breakfast for dinner” one night.  You will LOVE this box!!!

Local, farm-raised meals delivered to your doorstep.
Our recipes are full of locally sourced ingredients, with different chef-inspired recipes each week that take only 40 minutes to prepare. With Our Local Basket, you’ll have everything you need to be the chef-hero for your family. (Well, everything but the cape.)

*Please give at least 3 days notice. 


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