Welcome to Out Local Basket. The following are our Terms of Use. Please read these Terms carefully, as they may affect your legal rights. By accessing our website and subscribing to our meal plans at Our Local Basket you hereby agree to all Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any of these Terms you may not choose to subscribe to our meal plan. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time and at our sole discretion. If we do make any changes to our Terms, we will make note on our website for customers to read

  1. Registration: Upon registering for Our Local Basket you agree to provide accurate identifying information and update this information as needed. By creating this account you agree to receive electronic communication from Our Local Basket.
  2. Terms of Sale: When you subscribe to Our Local Basket you agree to receive 2 meals (arriving on the same day) per week, delivered on Wednesday.
  3. Continuous Subscription: When you create an account and subscribe to Our Local Basket you agree that Our Local Basket is authorized to charge your given credit card on a weekly basis via our third party payment processor.
  4. Cancellation Policy: If you wish to end your subscription with Our Local Basket at any time you may do so. Cancellations must be given 8 days prior to the following week’s delivery in order to take effect. If cancellation does not happen 8 days prior you will receive one additional meal delivery prior to cancellation, and you will be charged accordingly.
  5. By providing your credit card information you give consent that Our Local Basket will utilize this as a method of payment on a weekly basis. If your payment information is found to be invalid or cannot be verified you will be notified. If follow-up payment cannot be procured your account will be terminated within 7 days of contact via email.
  6. Pricing and Availability: At this time persons living within the Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas areas may subscribe to Our Local Basket. Please check our website that contains specific information regarding which zip codes are subject to delivery. As noted above, Las Vegas customers will pay a delivery charge fee as noted on our website.
  7. Deliveries: Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays each week. For Reno/Sparks customers a Cooler will be left on your front porch including 2 meal kits and freezer packs. It is your responsibility to take these items into your house for refrigeration upon receipt. It is also your responsibility to leave the previous week’s cooler and its freezer packs outside, on Wednesday morning for pick up. At Our Local Basket we try to reuse and recycle as much as possible. For Las Vegas deliveries: your package will arrive on Wednesday. It is your responsibility to take these items into your house for refrigeration upon receipt. For all customers you should inspect all items upon delivery to confirm that they arrive in a cool, refrigerated condition. It is recommended that the temperature inside any container including meat, poultry, or seafood is at or below 40 degrees F. In the unlikely event that any of these containers are above 40 degrees F please contact Our Local Basket immediately. We recommend that all customers follow the USDA instructions in food handling. These can be found at the following website: https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/food-safety-education/get-answers/food-safety-fact-sheets/safe-food-handling/refrigeration-and-food-safety/ct_index. We also recommend that you follow all cooking instructions as given by the USDA on internal temperatures of cooked meats, poultry, and seafood to ensure food safety. In the case of inclement weather or other events beyond our control that do not allow us to deliver, we will attempt to deliver your order as soon as possible. If this is not possible we will cancel and reimburse your for the weeks order. Again, local Reno/Sparks customers will be given a cooler and gel packs. These customers are asked to leave the cooler and the gel pack on their porch the following Wednesday so that we can collect them and leave a new set. If you do not leave the cooler out, your credit card will be charged $30. This fee can be reimbursed if allow us to collect the cooler and gel packs the following week. If you cancel your subscription, you will need to make arrangements with us to pick up your cooler or your credit card will be charged an additional $30.
  8. Return Policy: If you find any meal or specific ingredient to be damaged or unsatisfactory upon arrival please contact us at info@ourlocalbasket.com You must do so within 3 days of receipt and we may require, depending on the complaint, photographic evidence of such a claim. Depending on what the specific complaint is Our Local Basket may refund all or part of that week’s order, replace the meal, or replace a specific ingredient. These determinations will be made solely by the discretion of Our Local Basket.
  9. Feedback: All comments, feedback, questions, suggestions, or ideas may be submitted at info@ourlocalbasket.com. Any of the above mentioned correspondence from customers is deemed to be nonconfidential and may be used as the discretion of Our Local Basket.
  10. Customer Responsibility: Customers as solely responsible for safe food handling, preparation, storage, and cooking. Our Local Basket will not be held responsible for any mishandling of the aforementioned. Customers are also solely responsible for knowledge of any food allergy that may cause physical harm.


  1. identifying information from you including: name, address, phone number, and email address.
  2. Sharing of Information: If customers engage in either leaving us comments, etc. at info@ourlocalbasket.com or on social media (Facebook, Instagram) these may be used at the sole discretion of Our Local Basket for advertising, marketing, or research without contacting the customer.
  3. Security: Our Local Basket makes all reasonable efforts to secure your identifying and financial information. While we cannot guarantee that our system will never be breached we will make every effort possible to secure your information.